Serving the MOT Area for over 40 years
“Our Reputation Has Been Built On Our Personal Service”

Established in 1978, Clifton L. Bakhsh Jr., Inc. has been extensively involved in helping thousands of people in the MOT area make their dream of Home Ownership come true. From picking a building site to final settlement surveying requirements, our Staff stands ready to assist you in all aspects of Site Design for residential, commercial and institutional projects.

Licensed in Delaware and Maryland

Why Get a Survey?

A survey will show exactly what property is being purchased and everything on that property. This ensures your protection in real estate transactions. We recommend that every buyer obtain a survey prior to any final real estate transaction.

By getting a survey, you can be sure of your exact boundary locations and the location of buildings, sheds and pools that fall on your property. Using an old survey does not ensure your protection because new improvements may exist.

With the minor expense of obtaining a survey, you cut out the major expense of correcting any problems found later down the line if a fence or building is placed over the property line.